When I was little, my parents used to travel only in our country,Romania.I don’t remember that much but , I remember that, in a summer vacation we went to our family friends’s house in Maramures.
       We went there by car and while I was in the car I was admiring the beautiful landscape with tall mountains which had snow on the ridges.After a 4 hour drive we arrived at our friends’s house and they were very friendly and hospitable. They gave us a house tour and after that we went outside in the backyard. During the holiday I stayed with they’re child, which was a...... 11 year old girl. In the evening we were bored because our parents were talking about what we are going to visit in our holiday, and me and that girl decided to go out and pretend we were detective.... or something like that.It was around seven p.m. when we were trying to find some clues,but while we were looking around us and playing that game we realised the sun was going down and we need to see the sunset.The house was near  a small hill so we decided to go there even .......... we didn’t told our parents about that,but we were in a hurry  because we were still “detectives”  we and needed to find the clues. In 10 minutes we arrived there and we discovered a beautiful place with a big tree the middle and there was also  a bench which was surrounded by flowers and we thought that that place needs to be seen by a lot of people especially when ...... is sunset.
    After that we came back home and told our parents that we ........ discovered a new place. ..............[pune un adverb] even if they scolded us for what we did,they were proud of us.

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