It was a cloudy and rainy day in a city far away from here in my cousinís house.After a full day my cousinís family was having dinner.                                                                                   
    His father was stressed because in that day he found out that he has been fired.His mother was trying to calm down him bout she was just making the situation worse. They began to fight and scream at each other and the tension was building up and nobody could bear it so everybody got up from the table and left. The parents went in [s]theyíre[/s] room to clarify the situation but while they were doing that, my cousin has panicked and left the home.His parents didnít notice that he ............ left and after a half an hour they realised that and started to worry.They tried to call him, but his phone was at home and they went and searched for him.After a long time they found  him in the park ,on a bench , crying his eyes out.They went home and talked about the fight and apologised to him.
     He understood and forgave his parents but  he told his parent.... to never to this in front of him anymore.

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