I think that a lot of things that we do daily  might be a waste of time.
For example a waste of time for most people are those days when you spend too much time on the phone. When you stay on the phone you start checking the social media apps over and over and you donít realise after............... , when time passes. Instead of doing that when you get bored or you donít know what to do, you can read or discover new things or practice the thing you like or maybe you could do sports.All these things are better for you and also donít affect your vision ,like a phone does and at the end of the day you realize you have not done anything.Another thing that I can call a waste of time is spending your free time with people who make your day worst or makes you feel sad or uncomfortable.Those kind of people are the toxic ones who are staying in our life more than they should and we donít realise it or maybe we realise it too much later.That.....s why we need to surround ourselves with positive people who want our happiness and offer love and kindness.

prea scurt

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