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A waste of time

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A waste of time

Lisa Morgan was a young girl with the usual amount of issues of any teenager. She did have one obsession that made her a little weirder than the rest: her interest with death and what comes after. She could never pin point a moment when her morbid curiosity ......... started, but at the age of fifteen, it was at its peak.
She wondered and daydreamed about the soul, the afterlife… but in doing so, she forgot to live, becoming so invested in finding out the reality of the afterlife prematurely, that her life started to go downhill.
She stopped trying to make friends, demeaning every aspect of her current life and only thinking about what could come after. She took it, as expected from a teenager with a point to prove, to the extreme, seeing life as a complete waste of time. Some would call her state depression, others would find various other impressionable names for it.  Still, one thing was clear, Lisa was wasting her life away thinking about death and its effects.
This state of hers took away the better part of two years, until, one faithful morning, she was walking to school when she saw a creepy old man, dressed in ragged clothes and ......... a huge beard. He was in front of her, facing the other way, but somehow she could see his front as well. He looked creepy in a way she could not explain.
‘You’re wasting your life trying to meet me, you know?!’ he said in a low, guttural voice.
Suddenly, she looked into his cold blank light blue eyes, finally understanding who he was: death itself.
She opened her eyes, scared for her life, questioning every detail of her life and figuring out all at once that it was time to live, not just wonder about when it will stop, because at one point, it will and after that she’d have eternity to figure it out. She looked up at the ceiling taking a minute after that scarring dream.
She started laughing uncontrollably: ‘Two years of wasted time and all I needed was a dream!’ she thought… at least her humor was still as sadistic as ever.

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wow? it's amazingly odd. it's great that you could think of this kind of story, as long as this is not something everyone writes about! i think i've seen compositions about something like this before, but they weren't as good as yours. congrats!!