What's a waste of time? Well I'm not sure that I can tell. Maybe it's that time when you spent hours with a person and you realized that it was a waste of time because you two can't get along. Or maybe it's when you realize that your relationship wasn't what you wanted and all that love was a waste of time, or it can be that big line from that cool store where you know you'll find your favourite cake but they run out of it so all that wainting was a waste of time. As you can see, everything can be "A waste of time" but that depends on us. We choose how we wanna spend our time, lives and nothing is accidental. Everything that happens has it's own meaning or lesson. I know I've just said that every single thing can be a waste of time. Is it so? I don't belive it is. I like to think that even the smallest and insignificant event/action that happens in everyones life has it's purpose; maybe to teach us something that will help us later in life or idk. For example, after those hours you spent with the person that wasn't for you, you've realized want you want from a human and what type of people you want around yourself. And that moment when you two broke up; it wasn't a waste of time. You loved that person and maybe you still do and it's nothing wrong with that. Moments are beautiful, life is too for how long it takes. It matters that they are there, those moments existed and will forever. That relationship taught you something. O yes and what about that nasty line and that "waste of time" when you were wainting for your favourite cake that unfortunatelly wasn't anymore?! Well you maybe turned around, sad and hopeless, ready to fill yourself up with anger when your college friend has just run into you and then you two started talking and going togheter to a cafe where you've just tasted the best iced latte. See? There is no "waste of time" in this world. We create our barriers and make restrictions without even realizing. So go get a coffee and maybe a book and a chocolate cupcake and live your life cause it's just this one that you have.