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A new place

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Dear diary,

Today I found an amazing place near my house. I was walking around the neighbourhood with my friends, as it was a wonderful autumn day and we were talking and having a good time. I did not expect to discover such a beautiful place so close to my house, because I have been living in this neighbourhood since I was 3.
I was near a small forest I always pass by and i was looking around, talking with my friends, when a small area got my attention. It was not far away, but we had to go left once and then right, but because it is quite an open area you can see well what is around. We got there really fast and saw some trees and a painted trick wall, I think from a destroyed building or something, but it looked pretty cool. We took some photos and stayed there for a while, sharing memories and gossiping about things. As soon as it started to be colder outside we returned home.
It was an unexpectedly beautiful place I will visit in the near future again.

mult prea scurt

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Your story is nice and you wrote it very well, but my advice is to try to develop more the action when you got in that place like something which happened there. It's better if you have an action or you write about something happened to you there and you shouldn't just list the actions you did because sometimes is boring, try to focus on an action to be more interesting :)


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » A new place