Dear diary,

Today I had an argument with my family and is quite unusual for us, because we are very close. It was not a big argument just some different opinions. We were talking about our next holiday destination and how many days it would last; quite a frequent topic in my house, as we go in many holidays around the world.
Firstly, we could not decide either to go to the mountains or to the sea. As we talked it through we all thought about going abroad, far away, somewhere where it is hot, because we had enough of this autumn. I came up with the idea of going to Italy, because I love it there, but suddenly my sister told us she does not want to go. I started telling her that if she does not want to go there because of a stupid reason it does not matter. We argued for a few minutes and kept telling our opinions about the same thing we have been discussing for a while now. After all my ideas were turned down I stopped telling any other thing, letting my family continue the conversation. I got a little mad because I thought they were not considering any of my ideas. After a while of talking, expressing ideas and things like that we could not decide which place to go to because we were all having different opinions about the perfect holiday. I did not want to go where my sister wanted and vice versa. It was all mess, that is why we decided to continue everything tomorrow. It was a little bit of tension between us, but I know that in the end we will have a great time no matter where we go.

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