I was watching a youtube video or something, scrolling through a feed of an app when my mom told me to take out the trash, which involved getting dressed and going outside to put the black bag into the garbage bin. But i couldn’t be bothered to do so much work just to throw some trash, so I said, in a bored tone, „Right away!” and continued to watch that youtube video. I think it was a conspiracy theory of sorts. Anyways, I sat there for another 10 minutes, thinking while listening to that guy explaining, when my mom came storming into the room, shouting about me not throwing the trash.
I was like „Mom it’s not such a big deal I can go do that later”, but she wouldn’t listen. She starting doing the ol’ „You never do anything for me” and all that, trying to make me feel guilty about THROWING THE TRASH, out of all things I haven’t done over the years, this is what makes her go nuts. I tried to reason with her, but when she’s on one of her anger sprees, there’s no going back. So I gave up reason and just let her yell at me for about 5 minutes. I got dressed and picked up the trash, told her to calm down, went downstairs, outside and threw the damn trash into the bin.
When I got back she started lecturing me about responsibility or something... I don’t know, didn’t pay too much attention.

[ar trebui sa adaugi o concluzie, nu doar ultima scena; si, undeva pe la mijloc, ai putea sa incluzi si punctul ei de vedere; oricum, e prea scurt]

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