I look with admiration at my uncle. Although he is from family, we aren't blood related (he isn't my mum or dad's father). In this moment, he is 49 years old.
Now I will tell you something about him. He is a public and very important person. However, I'm sure you haven't hear..... about him. He works with a lot of people in another country in South America. He is an antreprenor and he has a lot of money from his chocolate company. My aunt, his wife, worked at his Company a long time ago and they fell in love. Now they have a girl, my cousin. I went and stayed at their house for four weeks and that was the first time I saw him. ...... First, I believe.... he was an antipatic and selfish man. But after several days, I changed my impres.....ion about my uncle. Now, he is a very nice person and he jokes a lot. I like him because is never nervous. I don't know how he can. He is always very calm. Even though he has a lot of money, he isn't that type of man who likes drinking or losing money on temptations. He is an admirable person. He does lots of big things at his life, for example he donated clothes, toys, food and book... at Home for children and he let them teste his chocolate for two months.
In the end, I didn't say his name, so you can't see if I lied or not. But ....... is real what I .... say.... about him. He's an example for me and in the future I want to be like him, maybe work at his company. And no, I will not give you free chocolate!!

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