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A waste of time

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Dear diary,
When I was 7  I began to  make do ballet. It was what I liked . At that moment I thought that it was really interesting and of course that was my favourite sport.  I was going used to go three times  a week.  After one year  I began to go at to different  competitions and to each .......,  for each other I received a prize. These all were good things but after 2 years something bad happened. When I was at the  rehearsal because  I wasn't paying attention  I hit my leg.  I went to the doctor and he said that  I must had to stay at home 2 weeks and after this I can could came back on the scenestage. After a few months  I went to a really important competition . Everyone was looking at me and everything  was good.  Because I didn't pay attention I stumbled and unfortunately I fell.  It was the first time when when I didn't receive anything because of my  mistake. From that moment  I gave up at that sport.
Now I realized that everything was a waste of time because I didn't do anything with what I liked. That was my favourite sport  and I gave up because I was very sad at that time. Now I am looking  at the future and I can  say that nothing is too late.

prea scurt
After I wrote this page from my diary I stayed  two weeks on the bed  and I was really sad and I cried but in one night I dreamt something and in the next day when I woke up I felt like I was changed.  I washed my face and my teeth  and I took my breakfast faster.  I told my parents about my  plan and after this I went outside and I took a taxi. When I arrived at the destination I was very happy. I entered in the building then I went in the ballet room. When my trainer saw me was very happy because she knews that I'm one of her best students and she was amazed to see me after a long time. I told her about my future plan and she accepted me with one condition. I had to never give up to this sport  even if I will make mistakes.  Finally I have fulfilled my dream.  This is the end of my story!

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I like your story and I apreciate you came back to your favorite sport and you fulfillied you bigest dream. Remember you never give up if you did a mistake, you have to be better and better. Your composition is well writen and it's nice.



Interesting story! I like how you continued in the second part. It's interesting how you came up with this idea and I like that it has a lesson. If I were you I would have done it longer, because I would like to see what will happen with the girl and her dream.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » A waste of time