I want to tell you about my cousin, Veronica. She now has 26 years of being an independent, strong and confident woman.
A few years ago she wanted to enroll at a university in England. Unfortunately, nobody wanted to support her because they said it was too much and too expensive.
She did not want to be beaten. She took 2 jobs and went to school. She wanted to prove that she could do that without anyone's help.
       She also made volunteering and cared for her younger sister when her mother was at work. She did not know how she could handle it all. She dreamed of completing her studies, and find instead of stable work. She knew that without education nothing would succeed.
She managed to take a very good grade at baccalaureate and this had a better chance of entering the much wanted university, plus she gathered enough to pay her first semester.
       She managed to get in. She went to England with a friend, she moved there and now she works.
For me, she is a model to follow because she hasn't  struck. It has proven it can be if you believe in yourself and you don't have to care about the negative opinions of others.