One day in the summer , my grandmother told me to accompany her to the market. There everybody greets greteed her, everyone knew her because she always took fruits and vegetables from here.
          The first time we went to pick up getpotatoes 🥔🥔 and carrots 🥕🥕, we both took them from Mr. Vasi in the corner of the place market . He sold  there for over 10 years. All that he was selling was from his garden and he didn't use different harmful substances. The price was a good one, for potatoes  it was 2 lei per kg and for carrots it was 1.5 lei per kg. After the grandmother stayed a little to......... talk with him we continued our journey. Next we got It followed to take tomatoes and cucumbers from Mrs. Maria , which had somewhat higher prices, but the vegetables were good. The grandmother took 2 kg of tomatoes and 2 cucumbers. Grandma wanted to take some garlic, but she didn't  found it find any.
              In the case of fruit, my grandmother is quite pretentious fastidious .When she wanted to take some apples 🍏🍎, she examined them well and even wanted to negotiate the price and managed to get him down 2 lei. I negotiated for some strawberries 🍓🍓🍓 because I didn't feel well to be it was good to be 6 lei kg so I said that more than 3 lei per kg don't  I don't want to give, the seller agreed.
           When I left, I told my grandparents to take me to the market, [conjunctie] but I really liked it.

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