A relative who could be a role model is my grandmother. She is a special person who deserves a lot of appreciation.
My grandmother is a very hospitable person who always cares to cook sweets for us and "a special meal," as she likes to say. She always helps with advice and she helps us when we need it. My grandmother is a very good cook. I have never eaten food as good as my grandmother's cooked food is. She always care about people around her and she is a gentle and understanding person.
One thing that I really like about my grandmother is that she knew to always follow her passions. He followed her passion for singing and the passion of being a very good doctor.
When I was younger I loved to stay at my grandmother's home I learned a lot from her and maybe that's why I appreciate it very much. From her I have learned to be always optimistic, to know that if I really want something, that will happen. From her I learned that I must be my own model in life and I learned that I will always have something to learn from any situation.
Perhaps for other people or for you, who are reading this text now, that does not mean anything. But to me it means a lot. I love my grandmother very much!