Lately I have started to pay more attention to the way I dress. I have never been that kind of a person who goes out for shopping, not just because I don’t have enough money, but because I simply don’t like the idea of it. I think that searching for some unique, maybe vintage, stuff through weird shops is way more interesting. I have been doing this for a while, but it seems that my family does not really get along with it.
Since I embraced this "new style," my family has started to comment on the clothes I wear. Either my pants are too baggy or my new T-shirt looks like one of grandpa’s. I mean, come on, why do they care so much if I wear loose or old-looking clothes? There are teenagers out there who are spending their money (and their health) on alcohol, cigarettes and so on! Speaking of money...
Last time I bought something was about a week ago. I found this special, colourful shirt and I couldn’t leave it there, on a poor hanger, in that totally strange shop managed by an old lady, ok?! As soon as I brought it home, my dad started yelling at me for spending money on some crap again. Firstly, I have only spent a couple of bucks on it, and secondly, it wasn’t "crap." He kept repeating that I have   to must stop wearing those rags (yes, he said "rags") or people will think I have some kind of problem. Sure, now we care about what other people think... "You look like you've just got out of your great grandmother’s closet," he said. Well then, I think great grandma had a great fashion sense. Then mom came in the room and started this whole pleading about the fact that I should dress more "up to date." Really? She’s the one stuck in 2005, people.
It was a hell of an evening. They even called grandma to try and convince me, God. But do you think they succeeded? Nah-ah. They’re not killing my style since I am not even bragging about the way they think.

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