It was a lovely Wednesday afternoon: the birds were tweeting, the sun was shining, the weather was perfect like it wasn't hot either cold... everything was just perfect. I was waiting for my mom to come pick me up from school as she had some work to do and she was going to arrive later than usual. I was staying in the front of the school, and I was the only one being left "unpicked". The street in front of the institution is quiet and very relaxing as the sun's rays are shining peacefully down the row... I don't know about you but when I'm alone I try to organize things in my mind and try to create a "happy place" . Like make the place where you are in that moment the relaxing place that makes you happy: admire the nature, smile at the sun, find the shapes in the clouds, listen carefully to the bird's songs and just be happy and feel careless(in a good way). I can't really explain this feeling and I'm not sure you got the idea right, but anyways... what was I talking about? ah yes
let me get to the title of the story... so as I was finding the happy place, something crossed my mind... it was the question what is life?. it appeared to be a very interesting topic to talk about with my own self that I even went to the store and bought a sandwich as lunch even though I had warm food home. I really didn't notice time has passed and first of all I didn't notice my phone was on silent the whole time.... I looked at the sun and it started to be a bit orange-ish... then I looked at my phone: it was 5 p.m and most important...... I had 30 missed calls!!!! I felt like dying I had no idea how I would be going to explain this everything... Obviously I was grounded for 2 weeks, but still W H A T   I S   L I F E ?

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