Actually,I had had a very hard time thinking about this topic because I had no idea what to write about. My ideas appeared after a long talk with my old friends because we had had some arguments lately.
It all started this summer when me and my friends had enlarged our grup. Because I am a very sociable person that loves to make new friends I used stay in new groups and not to be as close with my old friends. It took me a while to realize where I had been wrong because I started to forget who was there for me in difficult times and I wasnít there in return.
But the moment where I felt like a fool was when I was sad and very lonely and disappointed that my best friend hadnít checked on me like the other times so I texted her saying that I didn't know what had happened between us. She explained to me that she had had a rough time recovering from a fight with her boyfriend that I hadnít even known about until she mentioned it because I was too blind to see that. My new group wasnít interested in how I felt or what happened in my life, they just wanted to use me because I knew a lot of people and more my real friends tried to explain this to me but I thought they were jealous and I didnít listen to their advice.
Even if it was necessary to see my best friend hurt because of my absence I realized that sometimes I was a fool seeing only the good in people without counting on their interests.

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