I lived next to a vegetable market for 15 years, which was a few meters away from my house.My grandmother or I was always  going there when we needed something. Unfortunately, my visit there was so rare, because the vegetable market was working from 6:30 to 12:00 and I was going to school.Friday was the busiest day, the peak of the week, because some teachers were late in the first hours, which was a great plus. As my first lesson was mathematics, i was so thankful that  teacher .............. always delayed 10 minutes.
  I remember that there was an old man who was selling tomatoes. I often bought tomatoes from him because they were tasty, and the salad made by my mother could not compare to any other salads.In summer we were buying melons and watermelons at the best price and quality, and because I was on vacation, I was going to shopping. So I learned to choose the best watermelon.Today I miss those busy mornings of people who sell the products from their gardens.
   Now, when i live in another city, I go every morning  besides a flower market, thing which makes me so happy.

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