You would not want to stop eating vegetables bought in supermarkets? The only problem with those vegetables is that they are brought from other countries and its are injected with all sorts of chemicals. And yet another bad thing is that these substances are bad for us and for our health.
In the city where I live there are several vegetable markets. The vegetable market[te repeti - zi "aceea"] in my neighborhood is huge and is always crowded and full of fresh and tasty vegetables and fruits. I think it's much better for us to buy vegetables and fruit from a vegetable market. [leaga propozitiile cu "because"] [s]Vegetables and fruits from a vegetable market[/s] are healthier than vegetables and fruits in a supermarket. Those are from Romania and they are natural. In fact, vegetables and fruits from a vegetable market are like vegetables and fruits in the grandmother's garden. This means they are much tastier and healthier. If we eat healthy vegetables and fruits, it means we eat healthier foods. [leaga propozitiile cu "which"] This is very important for our health. Because if we eat healthy, we will be healthier.
Finally, all I can say is that I always buy my fruits and vegetables from a vegetable market. And I can say that it would be best for people to buy their fruits and vegetables from a vegetable market. Or if not, they should at least be careful when buying them.

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