In my opinion, lifestyle is the most important. If we have a healthy lifestyle, we will be healthy. If we fill our body with various chemicals and things that should not be in our body, the body reacts through various reactions.If we have the minimum calories a day, we drink at least 2 l of water and we have 3 nutrient-rich meals, then we can say we are on the right way. Otherwise we have to do sports, our body works much better after the effort and it's also good because you put your body in motion after the 6-7 hours of state at school in the chair, especially as it opens the appetite.
               So I can say that the fresh vegetable market is a very good idea. We eat healthy food, we are healthy. We are what we eat, drink and talk about. I usually buy vegetables, fruits and dairy, like cheese, fresh milk and eggs. My mother does not eat...... meat for 20 years old and I am used to having this mood to live, I honestly feel a lot better when I eat a salad with seeds and an egg than an oil-fried roast.In the market where I buy fresh vegetables .............. are different people. People who work and who have a salary of nothing and those who import and come to the vegetable market and stick in the soul of the man or girl saying: "Do you want a cigarette girl, go to cigarette cigarettes, we have the drink too!"
                  In the market you can find everything you want, [linker] it's not just a spot for sight or smell, because all the smells are mixed, from fish to pickles and honey and many other things, but if you want something healthy without chemicals and which also tastes good, then I gladly recommend you go to the vegetable market!

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