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A hole day at home

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Today was the first day of the weekend. Outside it is very cold and Iím getting bored, so I decided to read one of my new books. The story is about a tomcat which switched bodies with the daughter of his housekeeper and his owner . Now Winston, the tomcat, is helping Kira, the girl, to solve her  motherís problem with a drug dealer.
          Then out of nowhere a really big light came out of the book and the second thing I know it was that I found myself next to Kira and Winston. After I told them who I was they agreed to let me be a part of their team. The team had two more people, a boy, Tom, and a girl, Pauli. We all made a plan to fool the drug dealer and put it into action. We were planning to met with him to buy some of his drugs and expose him to the policemen.
          Our plan worked and he ended up in prison. Of course all the adults scolded us because we put ourselves in danger but after all that they were happy we were all right and thanked us for the help.
          After that we gave a very big and funny party, we all danced , played and laughed. As soon as the party finished and night came, I heard my motherís voice calling me. Suddenly I woke up and realized that I had been dreaming.

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Hi! So I just finished reading this and I realised that I didn't really get a thing that you said. There are many many mistakes which are preventing me from understanding your composition. The story that you was trying to tell was interesting but you should try and improve your grammar a little bit.



Nice story! I like that you wrote there about the book you read and that you suddenly  fell asleep. You told us that you dreamt about the topic of the book and also that you were involved in the action. I like that is a creative composition and it's really interesting.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » A hole day at home