Dear diary,
I'm a freshman in highschool this year, and so I ...........[de curand] moved to another school. I had to choose if I wanted to study french or german as my second languege, and as a person who doesn't like changes, I choosed german. This would be my 6th year studying it, so naturally I would know some things. I thought it'll be so easy, because I already knew the basic stuff. I can say I felt superior in a way. The first class was fine, I mean we just had to introduce ourself and say what hobbies do we have. From the second class we actually started to learn things (that we should have known from middle school), and again, I did pretty well. Then, without me noticing it, two weeks have passed by. And then a whole In this month, I saw how little I actually known. It all started when I couldn't remember how to say some parts of the body. No big deal, right? But then I realized I don't even know ....... to count past 20. At that point I felt irritated. I was supposed to be the best in that whole class. I mean for 5 years I had 4 german classes in a week. People in my class who never learned german before could understand and memorise things i wasn't able to remember I ever did. Then I knew.. I was SUCH A FOOL, thinking I would be the best without trying, just because I have a little bit o... experience. That can't someone who is willing to give their all. The worst part is that we have a german test the day after tomrrow and I STILL don't know how to count past 20. So I have to go read some things for the test. I'll let you know how it goes after. Wish me luck!

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