The unusual neighbor
   Like almost everyone on this planet you are doomed to have at list one crazy neighbor in your lifespan. I think itís even scientific...... approved. It doesnít matter if that person was a weird woman who liked to stare at people from her window and randomly scream at them spices of snakes or if it was a creepy old man who somehow was always waiting for you to come back to your apartment. An unusual neighbor can be anyone, even you. Yes you, some people can find it weird that you have 4 cats!!
      Anyway, I have an unusual neighbor (this is the topic of the story, what did you expect) who also happens to be a priest. Yes, a man who should be a role model for many but not in this case. I moved here (here is where I live) five years ago and it seemed like I have finally found a peaceful neighborhood. Surprise, surprise it was not!!!!! One day, a very beautiful summer day I was woken up by the police sirens (a very nice sound to be woken by, if you ask me). One of my normal neighbors found his very expensive car covered in yellow paint, everywhere. Of course we all came to have a look at the crime scene and we all wondered why and who would do such a weird thing. A few days later we all found out that some of the cameras of one of our neighbors caught the making of the crime. An old man, in priest clothing, in the middle of the night was painting a car. Apparently he did that because he was parking on his property. The thing is that he didnít even park.... on his spot. Also he doesnít even own a car!!! This priest also called my cat an ugly rat, more than once.
        What can I say, another neighbor light... a car on fire. At the end of the day, even if you are not a complete freak you can still be seen as one, but that doesnít mean that you should act in a bad way. Be nice to your neighbors, if your house would catch one fire you would wish you knew about that until it is to.... late.

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