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I was such a fool

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Last summer I had a really bad day when I realized how such whata fool I am. It was Wednesday, two days before my grandmother's birthday.
A friend phoned me for toasking asked if I can couldhelp him on Friday and I said without more thinking 'yes' because he ........... had helped me whenever I asked for toand for a lot of times. For the moment I had not realized didn't realisethat Friday is wasmy grandma's birthday and me and my family had planned a surprise party and a family reunion for her and I promised to my friend I will wouldhelp him and I promised to my parents  I will wouldhelp them organizing the party too.
Me and my friend had planned to meet on Friday in the morning at 9 o'clock, but on Friday when I woke up and checked my phone I saw it was 10 o'clock and I had many missed calls from my friend. I jumped out of the bed to get ready and I left home to meet with him. He was mad on atme because I was late and I had apologized to him. I was fellingfelt so upset because I ............. haddisappointed him. While I spent the time with my friend helping him, my phone was in my bag and my mom phoned me for a lot of times and I didnít answer. When I checked my phone and I saw those many missed calls I remembered that today is my grandmotherís day and I became so panicked because I ........had forgot....forgotten about it. I had to go home and I apologized to my friend that I couldnít stay more. When I arrived home all of my family was werethere waiting me and I was the only one who ........had forgot....forgotten about that special day. My parents was wereso disappointed about me and I felt very bad. I asked my parents to excuse forgiveme for my huge mistake and they forgive forgotme but they told me to be more careful for atmy promises.
At the end of the day I couldnít believe I was such a fool and I could disappoint many people in just one day because I wasnít careful for atwhat I promise... for each othereveryone, but that occurrence teached taughtme a lesson.

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Your idea is original and I think that it is a very important thing. I like that you emphasized  your mistake and that you will try to don't repeat that!  In another day when you will want to make   promises
you should be careful . In this way you will not  create  problems. Nice story.

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Indeed, what you've been told represent such a complicated situation where once you entered, it would have been impossible not to reproach yourself for not being careful enough about these details. But, as you have said, what happened was a lesson, because you will be more careful at another time, and maybe you will check your schedule first.


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