Dear diary,
Now I ...... came back home from school today and I ........ realised I am a fool.I say that because two weeks ago when the math teacher told us about the CEX, I told her that I would happily join, and guess what, today was the first day of the CEX and I missed it because I forgot about it and now I am sitting here, in front of my computer writing this thinking ........ what can I do to solve this situation I got ......... . Probably I will get kicked out the CEX and you know, that s a bad thing to happen, then my math teacher will get mad because I'm such an idiot and she will treat me badly for the rest of the year, I don t know. Maybe none of this things won't happen and I m wasting my time here talking to a computer but who knows?I may be a bigger fool if I found out that the CEX wasn't on this day so still I don't know.You know what's funny, computer, I don't remeber if I signed up for the CEX at math in the first place soooooo that seems ......... a little problem.Can I call you Martin computer?
Oh look it's so late, I need to go to bed.See you Martin:)))))))

leaga propozitiile, explica mai clar, fa paragrafe centrate pe un subiect unitar, nu o amestecatura

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