It was a Sunday evening and I was watching TV.  Two hours ago I arrived there, in my new house. It was raining heavily and unfortunately I was home alone. Everything seemed to be good until I heard a strange sound.
             I went in the balcony but I haven't seen anyone. I thought that my mother .......... arrived but I was wrong. I turned back in my room. After 5 minutes I heard again that strange sound. I was a little bit scared so I went to check all the rooms. Suddenly someone knocked on the door. I took quickly a pan. I opened and the person who wanted to come in the house was hit by me. I realized that I was such a fool. There was my mother. She was really scared and of course angry when she saw me. I apologized to her than I told her about the sound and that I was very scared. Fortunately my mother wasn't hit severely. I went in the kitchen and I took an ice bag from the fridge and I gave her. She told me that our security system is very good and that this house is really protected and also  the persons who live there. Because it was late we went to our rooms. At a certain time something was happened. I heard someone walked heavily on the stairs. I thought that there was my mother but after this I realized that my mother doesn't make noise when she goes to the kitchen or in  ...........other room , especially when it's night.  Than I thought that the sound was caused by the drops of the rain. I decided to go to sleep because maybe everything ............. happened in my imagination.
             Next day , I woke up and I went quickly in the living room. Everything was beautiful . The sun was shining on the sky. I was really happy because everything was happened in my imagination. I was sure that I would like a lot my new home once I will get used to .......... .

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