I quite don't understand a thing: why have I graduated high school, escaping from a sea of tests and long hours of studying in order to go to university and instantly dive into a new, bigger sea of tests and longer hours of studying? That's not fair!
The first subject we should take a test on is Biology, a standard beginning for a Medicine student. Our professor gave us only a day to review, as he mentioned, all the things we were supposed to have studied during the past six years. Isn't that exciting?
Anyway, it's almost 10PM, I'm super tired and my whole body can't wait to fall onto the comfortable bed and to cover itself with a warm blanket. But, what do you think I have been doing? The right answer is reviewing the freaking biology! "Ok" I said, " the last sentence of this chapter regarding genetics and I'll go to sleep". I made a promise, I won't break it! In five minutes, I was already dreaming about the good old sunny summer days...
The next day, I found my colleagues nervously reading and memorising every single detail from their books and notebooks from secondary and high school. Fools, it won't help!
When the first candidate went out of the auditoria, his face was as white as snow. He was in deep shock. The last hope for an easy test slowly faded out in me. I entered the huge room, already knowing I was going to fail. I sat in front of our professor and took one of the sheets of paper with the questions written on them lying on the table. I looked in a slight shock at my question: it was the exact thing I last read the night before! I smiled unconsciously; hours of reviewing animal cell's structure, human body's muscles and bones, the endless chemical components of our blood and I had the chance to answer the question about DNA structure! I couldn't believe my luck!
Soon after the last student left the auditoria, our professor announced the final results of the test and guess what, I got the highest grade! I got really lucky with my question! But this doesn't mean it will always be like that, right?

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