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i am a fool

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I realized  for the first time i was a fool when i was 5 or 6 yrs old. My story begins from the moment I was home alone with my sister.she told me to "accompany" her to the little shop down ... street and unfortunately I accepted that request basically  because she mentioned we were going to buy sweets.
When we arrived, hannah my sister took a bag of what looked like cat s food . Seeing that, i reminded her .......... the main reason we came : to buy chocolate, candy bars, cookies, SWEETS not food for cats cause we already have enough of that. In her defense, hannah lied to me saying it was acctually a bag full of mini marshmallows which tasted so good, that the people who made them, HAD to find a way to hide them from customers.It  sounded silly and it still does. However my sister explained that these marshmallows are too few for all humans(that s why they were hiding them)!! and i believeeed ...........!
So we bought the pack and rushed back home as it started to rain heavily. I still had some doubts, that s why i tested what she ...... told ..... and gave my cat some of the " marshmallows ". I wasn t really surprised to see my beautiful sweet innocent pet acctually ate it. In consequence i was very angry at hannah and also at myself beacuse i realized i was such a fool    %-)

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