Although my neighbour was uncomfortable, she was the one I have been spending  my time with. Mrs. X, brought many misgivings, but the most awful thing she did, was to follow every step of my family. I have seen it a few times standing and listening to a wall of my house. She liked to know all the lies in the village, though she never gossiped. \
  Besides everything, she had goats, which she was grazing in the field in front of my play, which was over my own, sometimes bad smells. Although we talked with her about this, the old woman didn't yield and continued to bring the animals there.
  I had an unpleasant situation with her and my brother when he was only 5 years old.  She tried to interrogate him, asking various trap questions to find out more about what is going on in our house. It was not the first time, because I remember that sometimes she also asked me various questions. When I grew up, I tried to avoid speaking about my personal life talking to her about less important things.   
  However, she was a hearty woman. I suppose her desire to find out what happens to other people in their houses was because of the loneliness she's struggling with.Sometimes I miss it, and I say this because two years ago she died, and in her absence the neighborhood is not so lively.