Dear diary,
I'm feeling so exhausted right now because today was a day full of surprises. It all started in the morning when I found out that I ran out of milk. I wanted to make a cup of hot chocolate and to mix the milk with some cereal, but my little brother thought it would be nice if he prepared the breakfast for me. He got up earlier than usual and used both cartons of milk, but eventually, he either got the milk too hot or too cold. Ok, no problem! I took an apple and some vegetables with me and headed for school. But there, the situation wouldn't be better, unfortunately.
I suddenly found out we had to pass our annual test at maths TODAY. Jesus, I hadn't even opened my notebook to see what I had to review! Glad I was sitting next to my best friend who would always help me. And so, the first class passed.
Finally, the worst thing that could happen during this day was the fact that I was somehow figuring on the list with the participants and the National Physics Competition. Physics, the object I hated with all my heart and mind! Who did it? As I discovered later, my "dear" Physics teacher decided I knew his object very well, so I could conquer at the competition! Ugh!
Anyway, what is done can't be undone! I'll try to hold on and survive all that hell!

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