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the relationship between a modest person with a rich or poor

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From my point of view, although I do not have a quite developed experience on this subject, the relationship between a person with modest incomes and a rich or poor person should not be a problem, as long as those individuals do not ......... rich or does not blackmail (in the case of the poor).
  Some people think rich people are those people who come dressed in company clothes, have luxury cars, jewelery, villas, etc. But I do not believe that. I think wealthy people are classified into two categories: they are millionaires who are not very well known and do not have the job of the media and the millionaires who pride themselves on their wealth that can be worked by them, stolen or inherited.    I honestly believe that from a millionaire we can learn how to behave, that is, how to maneuver our money carefully. Some of them have become millionaires just because they have been bought and bought things only when they needed and as they needed. And negative, I can say that a rich one can demoralize us mentally, can injure us, offend us and reject us if we want to build a friendship relationship.

As for a poor man there are many things to say. Some have become poor with time for some reason (they have been taken home, divorced and stayed on the street, etc.). Poor people never invest and do not want to learn how to invest their money; unlike the rich who have priority in managing and buying assets, the poor all I do is look for and buy passives through bank rates. Poor people have fewer activities than rich ....... and the biggest difference is in behavior. Poor ....., I think, I live more in the villages. Usually, the villagers are not as rational as the rich. They act through feelings. Which can be a problem with people. But they can also be smart, so they know how to solve their problems by asking for advice or working on their own. In a conversation with a modest man, there may be advantages and disadvantages.

But in the end, we are all human, we have two hands and two legs. The only two things that differentiate us from each other are: how to think about the behavior that leads to a very good life or a troubled life.

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Hello Teach, this is my 10th and last comment on this semester. I hope you read the others 9 and I believe they were pretty good, right?!=))) I want you to know my effort for doing all homework this semester and I think this semester I will get a better mark than in the last one. ll the best, Teach.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » New forum » the relationship between a modest person with a rich or poor