Dear diary, today was a weird day since I had nothing to do except drown in my own misery in my messy bedroom.
It started out as any lazy weekend day does. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and I was in bed with my windows closed and my curtains shut. I woke up sometime in the afternoon, put on my glasses, realized they were extremely dirty and cleaned them. The day was set to be kind of boring, in a relaxing way, but the universe or some greater force decided that I shouldn’t have that pleasure that day. The universe of course, sending its message through its most rusted informant, my dear mother, who came into my room, shouting words that might not be the most appropriate. She insisted that I needed to immediately do something, since, and I quote “laziness won’t buy you a future”. You know, future is not my favourite subject in a supposedly ‘relaxing’ school-free day. But, as my mother wished, I sat down at the table in the living room and asked annoyed, and annoyingly what would buy me a future. My mother gave a very unpleasant look, and then decided, out of the blue, as she often does, that it was time for a very deep talk. I was most definitely, not ready for that. She started presenting to me all the possible universities I might want to take a look at, since, and forgive me for quoting her again, but “it’s never too early to start preparing”. That was her way of telling me that she had nothing to do at work the day before, so she decided to do extensive research on Canadian universities; or at least that’s what I got from the first couple of minutes of her talking and me thinking about something else. A couple of hours later, I had a full list of the colleges I will apply to in three years, in order. Except for that, I also wrote down the top specialties in which I am interested, when I would take my English exams and other important aspects regarding my future. This was the first day in a very long time when I had to stay at home for a full day, and besides the irony of me not knowing anything about my near future, but having a full 10 year plan for university, I learned some interesting things, like how my mother wastes her time at her office and how grateful I should be that she does.
Moral of the story, get friends so you don’t spend a whole Saturday talking about your future with your mother, but if you do, try and appreciate that time you spend with her.

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