dear diary,
              first of all, i think i've got writer's block or something like this, because i got like no idea for this homework my teacher gave me. like yeah ok a whole day at home amazing but i don't really know what to say so i'm going to fill this page up with words. these are my thoughts so i think it's okay. i've read other compositions and they practically look as mine so i am happy i am not the only one writing like this.
also, what can you actually say about a whole day at home? it's boring to say something science fiction where other forms of life come into your house, or the house is actually upside down. no, in this composition i'd rather say what's real about a day at home. for example, what did i do today? well this was a normal Sunday(i'm a bad liar it's actually Monday but i'm late with hw i'm sorry)... i got up at, i ate some healthy food then drew some hw(i don't like doing hw so i basically draw some letters on a page in a notebook). then i watched tv series and talked to some friends via facebook, snapchat, instagram, things like that. after all of that, i had a relaxing bath❤️
anyways, i think that this was my day. thank u for listening(or whatever a diary does)

                                                                                                                                      your owner,
organizeaza gandurile in paragrafe centrate pe un subiect anume; foloseste conjunctii ca sa mai legi ideile intre ele ... BINEEE

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