Dear diary,
   Today I spent my whole day at home, literally wasting my time. Now because I have no ideas left I have decided to write something.                 
   All started in the morning when I woke up, there was no one at home so that meant that I had the house all to myself. Firstly, as always, I ate my cereals and milk, putting the milk first and then the grain, cause I prefer it crunchy. I brushed my teeth, I had a shower and then...the party started. I turned the music to the fullest, singing and dancing I did my stretching. After half an hour I prepared my ingredients and I cooked some biscuits for like an hour. While they were baking, I called my best friends and invited them to my house to have a girls’ day. They arrived at 1 pm and we started by talking about what had happened at school, boys and stuff like that. After two hour of laughing, we took to some beauty activities(we applied face masks, make-up etc.). After all of that we picked a movie named “Sierra Burgess is a loser” and made a cappucino for biscuits. We continued the night with some games and finished it falling asleep wherever we could.
    However, I really had a good time laying at home and spending time with my friends.

prea scurt

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