Dear Diary,

I spent my whole day at home. I can say I got the time to think about a lot of things, the majority of them not being important.
I got up around 11 o’clock, after a night of watching series on Netflix. I went downstairs, grabbed something to eat and checked my social media. After I changed my clothes and did my skin care routine I started to think about what should I do the rest of the day. Unfortunately the only idea I had is .......... doing my homework, but that wasn’t going to happen.
It was 1pm and I wasn’t hungry. I went into my room and listened to some music while cleaning it. My mom left an hour ago so I had the chance to do whatever I wanted. I enjoyed dancing around the house while “cleaning”. After an hour of organizing things around my room this activity wasn’t fun anymore. I had to do something else, like sitting on the couch and watching Friends on TV.
It was already 4pm and I literally felt like eating something, but I wanted something really good. Unfortunately I didn’t have anything special so my smartass mind thought about cooking. Long story short I’ve spent 2 hours trying to cook something and it was horrible. Why couldn’t I make a sandwich from the start? Don’t know. I’ve finished my very special meal and got back to watching TV.
At 7:30pm my mom got home. I’ve spent some time with her watching a movie, like I haven’t already watched TV the whole day, except those hours when I tried ....... cooking.
Around 10pm i went upstairs and took a hot shower, while listening to music. At 1am I went to bed, after checking my social media again.
That was my day at home, not as exciting as spending it with your friends but still fun.

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