Dear diary,

The whole day was just plain weird. I started my day by waking  up at 5 a.m. as always, feeling like a zombie. My cat scratched the door so I let him in. Usually in the morning I am just cranky, but today was somehow different. I put on my headphones as usual and played a random song from my favourite band. My mum isnít up yet so I just wander around the house like a ghost. I fed my cat and just made a quick sandwich for me. I got back upstairs and got dressed. And then remembered it was Saturday. I sighed and just got straight to bed so I could sleep a little more. When I woke up again, my mum was in the garden, so I decided to just work on my book in progress. After less than two paragraphs, I just went on the web for some research. I ended up googling cat memes at the end.  Usually at this point I would just read a book but I wasnít in the mood to, so watched a movie. After that I made myself and my mum some mint tea and ate breakfast.  I got my laptop so I could get some homework done but my cat came in and just decided that the computer is the best place to sleep on.  I tried to gently push him off but he didnít feel like cooperating. At this point it was already late so I decided to get to plan B. Food. If my cat loves something more than sleeping is eating, but even though I put the bowl next to him, he still didnít move. Annoyed, I just went to the desk determined to move that cat myself. Suddenly, he just got up, bored and stretched over the keyboard randomly writing on my homework. When I got to the screen, I saw he ................... just written: ĄCats will conquer the world, prepare to dieĒ.

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