Dear Diary,
    I was such a fool ....when I came for the first time to the European Parliament, Strasburg, to meet some animal activists to talk about the tragic situation of the animals in Romania.
    All started at the halls of the European Parliament, when I played with my bag , forgetting that inside was my new IPhone ..
    Because my bag was not closed, my modern IPhone flew far away to the corridor of Swedish officescabinets of European Parliamentarians .. there, my IPhone was waiting for me, with its the display  broken .I hoped in that moment that I still could can call or send a message sms, but it was completely out of work.
In the next hour I had to call for to meet my group but I couldn’t  find their auditorium because I couldn’t call them to ask for the number of the meeting room. Then[linker] I tried to find someone known around  me, to ask what I can do.
     Finally, a nice Greek person, a European assistant invited me to go with her to the entrance, to ask there about the meeting room number, level, etc.
     With a little delay I arrived finally, saying, as like an excuse (a fool.... one), what had happened with my phone dropping out of my purse.

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