Dear diary,

   I'm a fool. I realized this a few years ago, and since then I ............. always think about it. I realized I am bad, that I can not compare myself to other people in society and I do not think I will ever have a similar level. Every time I try to do something new I'm not successful, I'm incapable of trying something new, making a change.
   I ......... realized that there are people in society who represent the lower part, and I do not talk about social status, but about their souls. I think I make this society dirty. I do not feel able to appreciate the right value of myself. I do not think it makes sense to talk about obvious shortcomings. I think I have to change something in myself, to become better, to use my own person and society, but it does not succeed. I feel like a piece of living flesh that is used by anyone who wants it.
I do not believe in my soul, I feel dead inside.
   I am grateful to my parents for bringing myself the world. But I'm sorry for disappointing them. I hope that in the future I will be more than a piece of living flesh, I will be a person, a soul, a human. But I do not know how to get to this feel......... . I'm tired.
    I feel ........... the most ugly....... man on earth, I have no God, I have no morals, I have no surprise, I have nothing.

e nevoie de ceva exemple concrete si de analiza lor

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