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You realize you are such a fool

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Dear diary,
             It was a normal and boring day like all the other days. Although today I could feel something was different... but I wasn’t sure what it was. So, in afternoon I went to see my friend, who lives next to me, to do our homework together. There, it was her mother who answered the door. I went to her room where she was waiting for me to arrive. We just started our homework when Allyson asked me I could show her how I did there, because she didn’t understand. Of course I said I would help her.
              It took the whole afternoon to finish the homework, but at least it was done. I told her I was going to see her at school, I said goodbye to her mother and went home. Right at the middle of the way I realized that I'd forgotten my jacket at her house. I ran very fast to do it quick, but when I arrived near to her house I heard Allyson talking with her friend about me. She said that I did come to her house again to help her out with the homework. Allyson continued saying I didn’t realize that she was just using me to do her homework and that it was really easy to make me give her the answers,so she could get a ten tomorrow at school again .
               I got a really nice and big shock after I heard those words. That was the first time  I realized that I was the biggest fool ever. I turned around and started to head home. I probably worried my parents because I didn’t have appetite for dinner, but one thing I now know for sure.
                The next day, after school obviously, Allyson called me to say she would be waiting for me to come to her house to do our homework together. Then I said I actually wouldn't be able to come from now on because I have found a new, good and trustworthy friend so I would go to her house and she would come to my house to do our homework together. I told her that I was sorry but I think that our friendly relationship is over and then I turned off the phone.
                And that is how you make your untrustworthy friend shut up! I am really glad that I realized sooner than later, so now I’m not too upset about it.

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I like that you emphasized  that problem in your story. Unfortunately not all of the friends can be trustworthy. In your story you found a solution and I think that it's very good what you did. I really like your story because what you wrote here it also happens in everyday like!



So I think that your so called friend deserve it, thought I wouldn't done the same thing because I  think that is a little' just a little, brutal. But I think that her reaction and facial expression was priceless. :)



You have nice story but the meaning of the sentence”Right at the middle of the way I realized that I'd forgotten my jacket at her house.” because if you were wearing jacket means that it was cold outside so you should’ve realize that you don’t have the jacket from the moment you stepped out because you would’ve been cold.


You are here » English Forum at "Mihai Eminescu" High School in Iasi » Everyday stuff » You realize you are such a fool