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At Home For Hours...

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Dear Diary,

As I woke up today I was greeted with a note left by my parents. It said that they couldn't stay at home today morning. I was a bit annoyed with that at first, but then I realised that would mean I'd be home alone. As if the thought of it wasn't nice enough my mum called to tell me she was going to be at her workplace until noon. That meant I could bring over any of my friends.

As I was thinking about who to invite over, I heard a knock on my door. I looked through the peep hole to see my best friend was already on it. She smiled widely when I opened the door. We disscussed while drinking tea about stuff that ........... happened at our schools. I had lots of fun but sadly she had to meet up with someone and, although she invited me, I had to stay in the same rooms doing the same things all day. How come I thought this was going to be fun?

I stayed on the bed doing nothing but texting for hours. I noticed I ....... forgot.... to eat but who had time for that. It was about time I started doing something creative and interesting.

It was too bad though, as my mum arrived home.

prea scurt

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I like your story! You could say in your story that you went with your friend and when your mother arrived she was really scared because you weren't at home and things like this. I think that in your story is missing the climax. This is my opinion.😊


You are here » English Forum at "Mihai Eminescu" High School in Iasi » Everyday stuff » At Home For Hours...