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Review of Palas Mall

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Palas Mall is the biggest mall in Iasi. Since it was built, the other two commercial centers, Iulius Mall and Moldova Mall, are no longer visited by a lot of people. In Palas Mall are more magazines, for clothes, accesories, sport articles and there is a Hypermarket named Auchan, where you can find anything you want. There is a food court at the last floor of the mall, with a variety of foods like salads, fast food, chinese and indian food, and sweets like an italian ice cream stand, macaroons and many more besides. The disadvantage is that in Palas Mall you donít have a cinema, so for someone who wants to see a movie it will be difficult because the only cinema is in Iulius Mall, which is far from the center.
Outside the building, there is a place for smokers and for people who want to eat and enjoy the view at the same time. There is a beautiful garden and a vintage carousel.
Also, there are a lot of business buildings and a subterranean parking garage. Itís an advantage that Palas Mall is in the center of the city, because itís easier for people to get there.



Hello! First of all, youíre right, Palas Mall is better than Moldova Mall or Iulius Mall, but not in every case, because as you said, Iulius Mall has got the cinema, and at the stores from both Palas and Iulius you can find more items at Iulius Mall, I donít actually know why, maybe because there arenít that many people to come there to buy clothes. And Moldova Mall is good, because you can find good quality stuff for much less than in Palas or Iulius.


You are here » English Forum at "Mihai Eminescu" High School in Iasi » Practical stuff » Review of Palas Mall