Probably, one of the most frequent holiday destination is the coast, but that only in summer. Every year the beaches and seaside resorts are filled with tourists. In Romania, one such place is Mangalia.
Even if it is a city (the former ancient greek colony of Callatis), the tourists are very present due to his own beach and hotels, but also due to the nearby Saturn beach. I was there with my family two summers ago. A nice experience, especially that of staying at a house. Now, there are many people who houses tourists in a apartment or even in they own homes. It is quite a unique thing for those who are used to stay at the hotel.
Like every holiday made at the sea, we had a kind of predictable schedule: in the morning – beach, then back to house and then again, maybe, back to beach or a walk through the city. You don’t have to much to visit. So we admired the town itself. It resembles in a way to Iasi – I felt like I was at home.
However, the traffic is a very real pain in the neck – and that is not like in Iasi. At every hour you will see an endless column of cars, especially on weekends. And if you think that you’ll not find what you want and the prices from local stores will be exaggerated – Lidl and Kaufland are nearby and the prices almost like in Iasi.
A important thing when you decide to stay at a house is to very precautions, because you’re whole holiday could ruin. With us wasn’t the case. Little problems existed, but we could lived with them. Overall it was good and I will do it again every time.