We all know that in our country the emigration of doctors is a much debated topic because there are strong  arguments from each side. Every year doctors choose to find a job abroad and this is one of the reasons why the medical system is falling apart.
First of all leaving country means the loss of the workforce. more than that, the entire system is affected since it loses quality: the best ones leave and the less skilled doctors replace them. What's worse, those who leave are mostly young people, so the population is taken care of by elderly or by inexperienced physicians.
however what looks like a terrible situation for us might actually be a favorable one for doctors. The main reason why medical stuff go to a foreign country is the better pay. ...........Other reason could be the chance to develop professionally because of one's skills. You can also  get a promotions, titles  and maybe even more money. Another aspect of such a drastic change could be related to environement: colleagues, friends, new surroundings, community. Furthermore, they are tempted to emigrate by well-equipped hospitals and state-of-the-art devices.
In conclusion they say that if you want to work for yourself you should choose another country but if you are willing to stygle for your country you should stay here. In the end though it depends on each person because you can live a good life as a doctor even here in your own country

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