About fashion, designers, style, bloggers and other similar things it is spoken everywhere today, being a very viral subject especially on social networks. In my opinion, the fashion is not for everyone and we must to know exactly where is our position in this world ``of fashion``, because sometimes we can fall into unpleasant easily is we just try to copy on each other.
     Firstly, we need to know who really has fashionable talent and advice to whom must to listen. We must to be conscious of our physical appearance, but also our personality, for can wear outfits accommodate to them, we must be conscious that we each see different piece of clothing and that not all of us have the same tastes. For example, the stylists and designers create various clothes, but each have more or less a critical eye, which can appreciate whether the fashion item is fashionable or cool or not.
     Secondly, I personally follow very many bloggers on social networks, I like to see every piece of clothing wearing them, what combination do they do, but I never tried to be as fashionable as possible. I do not think it is good to go after this motto in life, because not all of them fit these fashionable clothes and copying the style of someone else, only we inhibit our personality. For example, even an old coat, not considered stylish can be wear by someone which fits it.
     Admittedly, sometimes is very well to be as fashionable as possible because this thing can bring us success, praises and looking over shoulder over the street, being appreciates and envy. However, being fashionable can become frustrating at some point, because every day we have to follow the trends and most of the money will be invested in clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, which may not even fit us.
     In conclusion, I do not agree with this, because I think that everyone should wear clothes that match with their personality, especially clothes that make you feel good and comfortable. I consider that in the future, everyone will want to be as fashionable as possible, because the society demands this.  :writing: