I walked around the place where Palas is today for many times. I remember that then all was dust and building materials. A fence was encircling the site. I wondered whatís build there and how it will be like. Now I have the answer.
Palas Mall is a great place and he is important for our city and for us. That is ..... all the people say about ....... and it is true (not entirely true, but in a major percentage). I will not be .... hypocrite and tell that this mall is a bad thing. I go to Palas, I buy from there and I feel good. I had took a walk one day in the morning (around 9AM) through Palas and I had not recognized the place. It was so quiet and nice. It is also nice when .... are many people  and ........ is a lot of noise.
The shops are very diverse and you can have part of many opportunities. The park outside Palas is also ... very nice place. Personally, I like the underground car park. It is mazy, but ..... is interesting, especially when you get to the minus five floor and .... is a lack of air. Instead I donít like the floor with the fast-foods, where ...... air is filled of a diversity of smells  (not good ones).
I donít get obsessed with Palas, but I like it very much and indeed it is a great place.

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