[introdu-ne in subiect, explica care e problema, asa e prea brusc]My thoughts on this specific subject are simple , they are doing the right thing for them to have a good life, free of worries that they wonít have what to put on the table for their children, that they can lose their job anytime because they donít get paid on time.
    Itís their choice alone if they want to go in other countries to use the skills learned here , because we have one of the best medicine universities in the whole ..... Europe, but we are lacking the equipment, hospitals for them to work in after they finish studies, and most important....... , they are underpaid compared to the services they provide us with.
    Why work here where ........ are risks when you can go in countries like Germany, United Kingdom, France and so on , where their work is appreciated, respected, and also very well paid, where they work among the best doctors in the whole world, with some of the newest technologies, in pristine conditions workplaces, [.......] it only gets better and better for them and their families.
    So that is my opinion on the emigration of the Romanian doctors, and we need to do something about it as fast as possible because doctors are ,or should be, one of the most important people in our society, and we need them at their best.

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