Some days ago I went to shopping, with my friend.After we walked through all the shops and took almost everything we wanted, we decided we deserved a break so we stopped at a place where they had some cakes and incredible coffee.
    I ordered a fruit tart and my friend asked for a cappuccino and a chocolate and strawberry cake.While we were waiting for the order next to us, there was a couple who was arguing. You couldn't ignore the two because they made a lot of noise. One of the clients asked them to leave. And one of the waiters told them that if he didn't leave then he would call for security.
The woman has told everyone that there is nothing serious and that they will no longer make noise.After everyone calmed down, it was quiet. Everyone saw his job.
A waiter brought us the order.
The woman next to us looked at the phone and smiled, which made her boyfriend break a glass. Then he began to make a scene of jealousy.The girl told him to calm down because they are in a public place.But the man was annoyed even more. He took the woman's hand and told her to come with him. She didn't want to come, he hit her.At that moment my friend threw hot cappuccino on his face.
The man pulled a gun.
He shot the girl who was on the floor, then shot himself.
After seeing this I was in shock, I didn't think that from a simple argument he would have been able to do that.I haven't words.

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