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Hello everyone and welcome to the second semester. IF you haven't corrected the mistakes highlighted in your essays, do that before you start new homework - this will affect your new grades.

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Dear diary

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Today I thought to make a small presentation of my best friend. Her name is Fausta. I don't even know with what begin. Besides the fact that we have the same age, I will make a small presentation of her physical portrait. She is small in height, has blond hair, had big and green eyes. She is very weak, even if eat more than me. That's what her physical portrait looks like. Her moral portrait is much more complex. She is a trusted person, she's fine, ambitious, funny, sometimes proud and serious. Has a sense of humor well developed. She analyzes well things before making a decision and she's always responsible. I can call her anytime, indifferent of the problem. We have a lot of memories together. Once were at a lake and she had shoes very dirty because on that day we climbed the mountain and when she wanted to wash the shoes he fell out of his leg and lost it. Or when I was with she with bike and fell into a ditch. We have a lot of memories that I find it hard to write the now. The most important thing is that they don't end now and not too soon.

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I'm very glad you found a very good friend you understand. I really like your description and I'm glad you built with your friend the best beautiful memories. Instead, I would like to tell more memories with  your best friend. Otherwise, a nice composition! I would  like also very much to have a very good friend, the best, in fact. Can you be? I'm jollying now :)) I really hope to find a soul sister at a certain time.

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