If I were to choose to live in the city or in a village around it, I would prefer the village.
   On the one hand, there are many advantages that can determine this choice. Firstly, who would not want to live in the countryside, to have a small orchard, a vegetable garden, a small flower garden, a courtyard for poultry breeding, to have a puppy and a cat, to be able to enjoy in summer the smell of flowers, the freshness of fruits and vegetables, and in winter the goodies in the pantry. Secondly, you can enjoy the pure and  unpolluted air and also you can let yourself be fascinated by the green surrounding you. In addition, people know each other, they  greet, respect and communicate with  each other. I could say that respect and common sense were born here.
   On the other hand, there are disadvantages. The main important disadvantage is that many of the villages around the cities do not have gas, running water and sewerage. Another disadvantage is the fact that majority of roads  are bad, and transportation to the city is desirable. Another drawback is characterized by the fact that lately the village architecture has a lot to suffer, the constructions are achieved chaotic, more and more concrete covering the earth.
   All things considered, with all the inconveniences, I would prefer to live in a village near the city.