It is said that the moments spent in high school will never be forgotten, and from my point of view this is true. But these unforgettable moments depend on the high school you are in. For example, being a student in C.N.M.E has both advantages and disadvantages.
       First, being a student in C.N.M.E has many advantages, such as the fact that in this high school the teachers are very correct so that the students know their level very well. C.N.M.E also encourages and supports pupils' creativity, so there are even two theater bands in high school, and students are encouraged to participate in creative competitions  and scientific competitions. Another advantage Another, is that the high school has a library with a wide range of books in which all students have access and also can watch movies and documentaries at the request of a class.
       Secondly, there are disadvantages to being a student at CNME, such as the fact that this high school is not well equipped, so the classes are old and broken, for example my class where neither the bulbs are whole or functional. Another disadvantage is the bathroom because, in addition to the fact that there is no soap, door locks are broken.
       In conclusion, although C.N.M.E has many disadvantages, it has many advantages too, which is why I think it is a high school where you will definitely make many beautiful memories.