When you arrive at Malder Manor you are amazed to see the traces of a prestigious family.This place is located in the south of Romania in a very famous village called Horezu. It dominates from the top of a hill and it is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.
This Manor is still property of the Malder family after decades. The have turned it into a gorgeous guest house which is also well known by foreign tourists. From the outside you can see an enormous garden with neatly trimmed green areas with a clean oversized pool. Going inside you are struck by a range of stunning and diverse  choices  in furniture : big wardrobe with mirrors traditional rugs, impressive dining tables and vintage wooden bed frames
It's the perfect place to sip a cup of coffee, relax and enjoy a trip with rented bikes from your host. The food was not their strong point because of their small servings and prices but at least it was tasty.
Outside the Manor grounds there are a lot of local artists who produce pottery and this is the reason why Horezu is so well known. The tourists also use their free time in order to visit  a series of caves nearby because of their astonishing stalactites and stalagnites.
I would recommend Malder Manor if you want to sped time with your friends or family and fell the boyar charm  of Oltenia.